Tree Painting ~ My inspiration for creating a whole series of tree artworks

‘Magical Trees’

Tree Painting. Out walking I tune into the trees and feel an exchange, just being in their presence opens a doorway to another magical world.  I am drawn to their beautiful energy and strength, seeing each one as a special soul whom holds great knowledge and healing. 

All of my trees have a face, a personality, an opening to communication – see if you can spot their features as they are often hidden.  For me, I gaze at the trees, they are not stationary, but dancing in the wind, almost to an imaginary music only they can hear.

They can be dancing wild and free in celebration as in my painting ‘dancing tree spirits’, (below) or gently bending with the wind like ‘hawthorne’.

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tree painting

Back in my studio, in meditation, I tune back into the tree I am painting, open a communication, absorb  myself in their magic, and then allow their essence to be expressed onto the canvas for my viewer - the Apple- a gentle energy, teaching us of abundance and to have an open heart, the Oak – inner strength, great wisdom, courage and grounding.


I am not the first to communicate with trees, the Celts had a Tree Ogham, a secret language of symbols dating back to 500BC, a spiritual understanding of each tree’s subtle energy and wisdom.

I have included these ancient symbols in my paintings, and as I did so, I had a very definite feeling it was not the first time I had scribed them.

We have come along way from our Celtic ancestors’ beliefs where everything is interconnected.



My aim is that these tree paintings may help us re-connect with our beautiful trees, and understand the great gifts they offer us – the air we breathe, and so much, much more.


‘Apple’ Tree Painting

Abundance, opening the heart, trust, joy, gratitude.

The Apple tree teaches us to value, give gratitude and celebrate all we have in our lives. To give all, open our hearts in total trust that all will be replenished and that there is enough, thus opening the flow of abundance into our lives on all levels.  It also encourages acceptance of oneself and others, and restores in us a sense of beauty and love.

tree painting



‘Oak’ Tree Painting

Ancient wisdom, Inner strength, courage, grounding, a doorway.

The oak will help lead a way to the truth, and this revelation will bring strength and vision and open a gateway to new understanding. ‘The ancient wisdom of Oak helps restore our will and self determination, keeps our feet on the ground and focused, and restores faith in the vision of what we are working towards.

tree painting



‘Hawthorne’ Tree Painting

Healing, trust, spiritual growth, union, protection.

Hawthorne is a tree considered to be wild, yet enchanted, and under the protection of the Faerie realms and the old magic, and as such should be greatly respected.  It can help us to release blocked energy and open our hearts, trust and let go of fear, and align ourselves to our spiritual development. It is often used by Pagans in marriage ceremonies, for it reflects the union of the forces of Nature.

tree painting



‘Plum blossom’ Tree Painting

Hope, purity, peace, beauty, nobility.

Plum blossom heralds the coming of spring, gives up hope, and is said to be a lucky symbol and one representing nobility.  It was not included in the Celtic Tree Ogham, but I tuned in, and felt the symbol I have scribed represents its’ beautiful essence.

tree painting



‘Pine’ Tree Painting

Far seeing, inner wisdom, purification.

This tall, Scots Pine tree, helps us to see beyond the present, and be able to see things from another’s point of view, thus promoting inner wisdom and healing. In ancient times the Pine evergreen tree was a symbol of the continuation of life during winter, when all other vegetation had died, and was decorated with bright baubles and lights to encourage the return of the sun.  We continue this custom today when we decorate our Pine Christmas trees.

tree painting



‘Silver Birch’ Tree Painting

A new start, rebirth, new opportunities, healing & nourishment.

The Birch represents a new beginning, a new opportunity, a new journey, physical or spiritual.  It helps us prepare for change, and nourishes us, helping us to let go of old beliefs and patterns.  In the past it was used as a cleanser and for driving out evil.  Now it teaches us to let go of any unhelpful influences in our lives which are holding us back, allowing us space to start our new journey.

tree painting



‘Poplars’ Tree Painting

Listen to your inner voice, trust, healing, rebirth.

The Poplar, or Aspen, is often referred to as the ‘whispering tree’. As it is blown by the wind it quivers and whispers to us.  It teaches us to listen to our own inner voice and trust the wisdom of our own divine spirit.  Once we can connect with this love, and trust our own knowing, we experience a great sense of peace and feeling of well-being and can experience the joy of life fearlessly.

tree painting



‘Golden Willow’ Tree Painting

Intuition, flexibility, surrendering, feminine, inner strength, healing.

Willow helps us to move through the many levels of sadness, expressing the pain through tears and grief, bringing great healing.  It teaches us there is always new life, new direction and the capacity for growth and healing.  It encourages us to surrender, let go of our emotions and go with the flow of life.  It helps with our ability to follow our intuition and trust our own knowing.

tree painting