Heart paintings, art from the heart and the power of love!

Heart paintings ~ The symbol of the heart and heart energy features strongly in my art, in fact I call my business, ‘Art from the Heart’, as in my painting practice I always start each day with a meditation to connect to my heart (chakra), to the moment and to the heart of all that is, and bring this energy of love, beauty, peace and compassion into each painting and all I create.

“My aim is to create artwork that helps us all feel love and joy, see the bigger picture and the natural flow of life so that we all may dance in harmony together, be mindful of mother earth, each other, and know the Divine Oneness we truly are.”

heart paintings


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It is also from my heart centre that I tune in to spirit, my guides, angels and soul family, to gain insights and visions when creating Spiritual Portraits for others or painting Guardian Angels or guides. It is through this love energy, from the heart, all is realized.

When I am tuned into my heart I feel deeply connected to nature, people, animals and all around me and a real sense of the connectedness of all beings and the Divine truth that WE ARE All ONE. Feeling this oneness of all sentient beings brings a beautiful experience of being in harmony with all around me and then I really do see the beauty and wonder and true magic of this world, and it is this that I paint. I believe you can see this clearly in paintings such as, “feel the love in every moment”, or “where love grows”, but this heart energy is in all of my art.


heart paintings


The heart chakra is usually associated with the colour green and smoky pink, and interestingly many of my paintings evolve into these colours even though that was never my intention as I paint intuitively, allowing the paint to flow onto the canvas in an ever evolving journey, never quite knowing where the final destination will be.

heart paintings


I believe green is the energy colour of love and transformation. It is the colour of balance, growth and compassion. It is soothing, and calms the soul and therefore it makes sense it is so prominent in most of my paintings without me setting out with this intention. Green is also the prominent colour of nature, to which I connect strongly with my heart. I believe connecting strongly with our own heart helps us form deeper connections with others and the world around us. If we are listening to someone, if you tune into your heart you really do hear all they say, and indeed often all they do not say but need to be heard.

Connecting with our hearts helps us really accept ourselves for all we are, and accept others as they are too.


In my heart centred paintings I channel lots of healing energy of love and joy and my intention is that this wonderful energy emanates out to the viewer and helps to connect to their heart and bring love and compassion and a feeling of belonging, as we realise the interconnectedness of all that is and an appreciation for the beauty of everything around us and have gratitude for all we are and have.


heart paintings



My wish is that we all can feel the power of the heart, the power of LOVE, so that we may love ourselves fully and all other sentient beings that walk this planet earth.

My intention is that my heart paintings radiate love and peace and connect us to all the love and joy around us, and help us recognise the beauty of all souls and honour them.

Namaste annie b. xxx

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