Commission your own painting for the perfect gift for you or your loved ones.

I love creating unique art from the heart.  I specialise in bringing love and joy in a painting to your home, yoga studio, work space, spa or therapy rooms.  

Having your own piece of original art makes going back home or settling into any work space feel like coming home too - reconnecting with yourself as well as harmonizing the space around you not just through what others see, but how we each feel when surrounded by positivity.  Art that fills your soul.


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Original Artwork

I love creating unique artworks for homes, offices, yoga studios and therapy rooms and I embrace the process of bringing new pieces to life for specific contexts and spaces.

Having a piece that is purely for you is a powerful way to reconnect with your higher self, to harmonise the space around you and positively reinforce a mindset and consciousness of love, peace and joy.

If you have a space that you would like to discuss, feel free to reach out via 

 Annie b commission

"When I paint beginning with a meditation my heart opens as I connect with all the love of the universe and the beauty around me. I fill my paintings with this wonderful positive energy, the love and joy so that they uplift any space"
Original artwork commissioned


Children’s book illustrations

Bringing words to life through art is a privilege, especially so when working on children’s books. 

Children’s book illustrations that are tuned in to the story, reader and author magnify the impact and enjoyment of your work.

If you would like to discuss your work, please reach out via 

And if you are looking for a publisher, we accept proposals to Bear Books Publishing throughout the year where  annie b. illustrates your story.


children's book illustration


Book Covers

Do you have a book that everyone needs to read but no one knows about yet? 

Even though we should never judge a book by its cover, having a thoughtful, moving illustration to accompany your text can help you to both stand out and more deeply connect with your readers.

I’ve been illustrating both my own work and that of others for many years and set up my own publishing company too.

If you would like to discuss your work, please reach out via 


Hand painted logos

If you've started a new venture, stand out and connect with your clients and network with marketing materials from the heart. Let me tune in to your business and create the perfect logo artwork for business cards, website and all marketing materials.

logos by annie b

To find out more, email me at


annie b




Hand painted murals on walls have been used for millennia to enhance the world we live in.

I am now offering my Art from the Heart for your walls… inside or out. 

Bring the ocean inland.  Bring magic and wonder to your home, inspiration to the office, peace to your meditation room or nature’s magic to your outside space.

"Having a bespoke wall mural is the ultimate personal statement, let me paint your dreams and visions“

My hand painted murals are an exquisite way to showcase your individual personality and style, custom-designed to your exact requirements.  The outside murals are finished with high quality varnish that is light and water proof for longevity.

Annie b. - Hand painting wall murals for homes, schools and businesses across the world. 


Please  contact me to discuss your mural project and get a free quotation.