' Sitting with the mountains connecting to animal spirits wisdom - original painting


(Original Sold but fine art prints available in prints- New art.)

My guides bring me this painting to remind us all to sit and be still like the mountains...

To listen to our hearts and the wisdom of the mother earth and our animal spirits.  Raven is messenger between earth and spirit and comes to remind us to be open to hearing their guidance.   Wolf sits either side of us on our journey for courage and resilience, insight, deep wisdom and is part of our pack on reminds us of the connection of all.  Owl and eagle spirit bring their higher view wisdom.  Bear teaches us to go within, rest when needed and we are strong.  White stag helps us connect with the spirit world.  Each of us has a power animal there to guide us in our earth journey.  

Large mixed media painting on deep edge box canvas ready for your walls

60cm x 80cm

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