Hand painted Mural deposit


I am now offering my Art from the Heart for your walls… inside or out. 

Hand painted murals on walls have been used for millennia to enhance the world we live in.

Bring the ocean inland.  Bring magic and wonder to your home, inspiration to the office, peace to your meditation room or nature’s magic to your outside space. You can choose from my meditation art, trees, waves or flowers or have your own vision painted.

"Having a bespoke wall mural is the ultimate personal statement, let me paint your dreams and visions“

My hand painted murals are an exquisite way to showcase your individual personality and style, custom-designed to your exact requirements.  The outside murals are finished with high quality varnish that is light and water proof for longevity.

Annie b. - Hand painting wall murals for homes, schools and businesses across the world. 


Please  contact me to discuss your mural project and get a free quotation at annie@annieb-art.co.uk

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