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Spiritual higher self portraits - original custom art


Discover your true purpose in life and have annie b. paint a channelled vision of your higher self and purpose, - your Soul Portrait.

Bereavement, divorce, illness, family, loss, life, all these things can make us loose sight of who we really are - the true you and your reason for being. Your spiritual Soul Portrait captures your real, higher self and can give you hope, inspiration, courage and so much more as it reminds you of the wonderful Divine being you truly are and your purpose on this earth.

All you need to do is purchase your portrait here and  email a photograph to -  and I will tune in and ask for a vision of your true self and purpose... Sometimes a message is received too.

 "The first spiritual portrait beautifully captured my essence, resonating with my soul. Ten years later I was blessed to be able to commission another spiritual portrait. This painting depicted my growth and union with life, all that I recognise for myself. I am so grateful to have these amazing works of art from such a talented and gifted artist."
M. Van Kleef

The painting will be painted on hand made paper and mounted ready for you to frame.(unframed)
Size approximately 45cm x 40 cm mounted  (unframed)

Annie b: "I know my purpose is to help others see their soul purpose by way of my Spiritual and Soul portraits.  People often say I am hear to help people see the truth, their true divine self.

Debbie Clayton, in a reading many years ago, told me of this, and was told to tell me I would be painting Spiritual Portraits… Portraits of the sitter's higher divine self and soul purpose… and two weeks later after this reading I was commissioned to do just that.

I begin with a meditation, and tune in to the person on a photograph until I see a vision which I sketch out.

I then tune in again, and transcribe the sketch on to hand made paper, and then tune in and ask for the angels and light beings to work with me with colours and the detail until I am told the painting is complete.

It is a very exciting process as I never know how the painting will turn out as the colours flow and the painting slowly unfolds.

I feel some of my best artwork has come through this way. My customers often report back to me of incredible feelings they have from the paintings and healing that takes place, but I feel I am only the messenger for this Divine Guidance, of which I am truly grateful.

It is a lesson in totally trusting… and some incredible paintings have been created… linking in with native Americans, Indigo children, Soul connection families etc.. the paintings have many symbols and colours that connect with the sitter's deep inner self to remind them of who they really are and what their purpose is.

I feel honoured to be the messenger in this work."



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