' - Tree of life' original painting


This magical Tree of life, golden against a rich turquoise background.  Inspired by the deep symbolism of the Tree of life and all that represents (see below) and Klimt's Tree of life but with some added annie b. magic in the form of lots of divine symbols...  can you spot them in the branches?

The symbol of the Tree of Life represents balance and harmony, connecting heaven and earth, above so below, connecting earth  the underworld and all of life.   The branches reach out representing the search of learning and knowledge in life as well as embracing the love and abundance.

Celtic Culture: Celts cherish trees for their spiritual connections to family, ancestors and deities. The tree of life represents the afterlife, and connection between the earth and heaven. The bond and affection to trees is so deep that Celts believed the actual trees were their ancestors, gatekeepers to the Celtic Otherworld. As such, the tree of life in Celtic Culture is sacred as they are for me.  I recognise each tree is an equal being.

Mixed media on deep box canvas - gold on deep turquoise

painting size 50cm x 50cm   plus chunky wooden frame

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