Hawthorn tree - original oil painting


'hawthorn' original by annie b.
oil on deep edge box canvas ready to hang on the wall
with a bit of sparkle
size 60cm x 60cm

This painting is of a wild enchanted hawthorn tree in winter bending in the strong Cornish winds.

Out walking I tune into the trees and feel an exchange, just being in their presence opens a doorway to another magical world.  I am drawn to their beautiful energy and strength, seeing each one as a special soul whom holds great knowledge and healing.  Back in my studio, in meditation, I tune back into the tree I am painting, open a communication, absorb myself in their magic, and then allow their essence to be expressed onto the canvas for my viewer.  

Hawthorn tree -  Healing, trust, spiritual growth, union, protection.

Hawthorne is a tree considered to be wild, yet enchanted, and under the protection of the Faerie realms and the old magic, and as such should be greatly respected.  It can help us to release blocked energy and open our hearts, trust and let go of fear, and align ourselves to our spiritual development. It is often used by Pagans in marriage ceremonies, for it reflects the union of the forces of Nature.

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