'Daily Inspirations' Timeless Calendar


A sustainable 365 day desk calendar printed locally with love on recycled paper and card here in Cornwall that just keeps going year after year. .

Flip the page each day to find a beautiful annie b. art image and inspiring words to ponder throughout the day- to help uplift and inspire as well as embrace the tranquillity of each moment .  Order yours now for the perfect gift... for loved ones


Dear Angel Annie,
I was absolutely delighted to receive two  of Annie’s beautifully packaged perpetual calendars, one for a friend of mine as a Xmas Present  and one for myself.  Upon opening the parcel I first of all noticed the high quality of the paper and print;  the calendar stands up really well and the pages turn effectively.  Most of all of course, I am enthralled with the wonder-full artwork and truly inspirational daily quotes.   Every morning it’s a joy to turn the page for the current day and be instantly uplifted! Thank you so much Annie, you are a star. Such a lovely calendar and much love and angel blessings to you
  Elisabeth xxx


I adore this timeless calendar.  It’s such good quality and I love having a beautiful new image and inspiring words to enjoy everyday.  Very uplifting, everyone should have one!  Joanna xx

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