Art from the heart

I am an artist living in Cornwall with my husband and son, painting from the heart.  My aim is to create work (allow it through), that helps us all feel love and joy, see the bigger picture and the natural flow of life, so that we all may dance in harmony together, be mindful of mother earth and each other and know the Divine Oneness we truly are.

My inspiration comes from mother earth and all the beauty around me here in Cornwall and beyond. Tuning in to the higher realms and Archangels,  all the playful Nature Spirits and Power Animals that come to my studio.... Sometimes it's the hare, or intuitive wolf, the playful unicorns or the Native American elders.  I begin each day with an open heart and a mindfulness meditation to bring me back to this moment... and the magic begins whether I am painting and creating, facilitating Art from the Heart painting workshops with meditation, Creative Journeying Sessions or channelling a Spiritual Soul Portrait where tune into my guides and angels, mind, body and spirit.

I feel all of life and the connecteness of all things.  We are all One.