Space Clearing & Feng Shui

Space clearing

The art and ceremony of space clearing has been practiced around the world since the beginning of time.  It is a ceremony that can instantly uplift the energy of a space, (whether it be your home or workplace) clearing away negativity in exchange for a happy, light, peaceful feel.

It is a simple way of balancing the energies in a home or business to make it a place you want to be, where you may feel more at peace, happier and at home.

I will work with native smudging ceremony, feather clearing and invoking my angels, guides and spirit animals and their positive healing energies.  I will also bring my sacred Tibetan singing bowl with it’s healing, clearing vibration.

My intention will be to bring in positive, light healing energies of angelic quality into your home or workplace.  If required I can also cleanse your personal energies and show you how to psychically protect and ground yourself.

This service is only available for the Cornwall area and the cost is £99. To book your Space Clearing click HERE

The Space Clearing Ceremony takes approximately 2 hours at your home or workplace.

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Feng Shui

I have recently teamed up with Joanna, a Feng Shui practitioner, to offer Space Clearing and Feng Shui together to transform your home or workspace. The energy within the place we live and work is so important and we want to help you achieve and enjoy a light, harmonious, uplifting space which will really inspire and uplift you.
You can find out more about Joanna and Feng Shui HERE