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"The first spiritual portrait beautifully captured my essence, resonating with my soul. Ten years later I was blessed to be able to commission another spiritual portrait. This painting depicted my growth and union with life, all that I recognise for myself. I am so grateful to have these amazing works of art from such a talented and gifted artist." M. Van Kleef 

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"I was breathing in the beauty of those who let love dominate their lives when i was guided by spirit to your home on the web. Yours is a path of positive energy that flows joyously into the world. There is a genuine glow about you that inspires. I find who you are and what you have to offer to be enriching and enlightening. Never doubt how special you are and how much your gifts are needed. You are touching more souls and changing more lives than you realize. Thank you for being such a shining light. I wish you great joy on your journey." Michael Teal

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