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Children's books filled with magic and wonder, set in Cornwall. 

My books are magical stories intertwined with messages of wellbeing, helping the reader connect with nature and themselves, increase self esteem and the joy in their lives xxx

Book Review:

Annie B’s book, Hare and the Song Bird, was given to me by my mum and dad because I had read The Hare and the wise old Apple Tree and loved it! Hare and the song bird showed me that everyone has worries and that’s ok but also that if you follow your heart and believe in yourself you’ll find your way. This exciting book’s illustrations really told the story and helped me to understand that so many of us can feel wobbly at times. When I was reading it, I really felt as if I was the Hare in the story, helping the poor little bird find his song by following our hearts to find it. This book is truly magical and sends out lots of important messages. 
Jessica (age 11)

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