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Inspirational Artist , Illustrator & Children’s author

“My aim is to create inspirational art that helps us all feel love and joy, see the bigger picture and the natural flow of life so that we all may dance in harmony together, be mindful of mother earth and each other, and know the Divine Oneness we truly are.”

  "Annie b.'s loving nature shines through in her beautiful artwork. Even on the rainiest of days, with an Annie b. painting on your wall, it will feel like the sun is shining in your home". A. Butler

"Annie b's art is an absolute pleasure to have around my home because it's beauty and heartfelt positive energy really shine through - it never fails to make me smile. I will always be one of your biggest fans!" Big love xxx Maurita

"Art that makes my heart sing" xx Antheaxx

Welcome! I am Annie b, an inspirational artist living in Cornwall with my husband and son, painting art from the heart.

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How My Inspirational Artist Style Evolved

Spiritual and inspirational art expression was something I first became aware of when I was growing up in Yorkshire in a big family (and one that didn’t always communicate, especially on an emotional level).

I always loved to escape into my own inner world of magic and wonder by way of drawing and painting, which I believe I began at a very young age.

I have very happy memories of me and my sisters proudly holding art exhibitions in our sunny yellow playroom, encouraged by my step Uncle Terry.

At this young age, everything is possible without judgement, and we are free to play and create.

After school in West Yorkshire I went on to attend Wakefield College of Art doing a graphic design diploma which I loved - although it wasn’t my first choice and definitely not the free flowing creative fine art course, of just being able to paint and create.

But skills were learned on layout and type fonts, skills that I still use today, so now I realise it was all part of my journey to professional inspirational artist and illustrator.

My life journey then took me up to London, to Ealing College of Art, to study visual communication. However the college and the content of the course failed to inspire me, and compared to my previous college the lectures were slow and not half as interesting as the music and culture of thriving London in the 90’s!

It was then I left college and side tracked into successful careers in advertising, the music business and television, working all around the world.

However successful though, city life was not for me, despite my love of the music and culture, but there was simply not enough nature - and the city starry skies were dimmed by the pollution.

However my journey of who I am really did begin in London, not at the art college, but inspired by the music and the bands I used to go see, especially one band called ‘Southern Death Cult’ and their lead man, Ian Astbury who really connected me with my Native American origins. As I watched him sing in his native breast plate and feathers, something stirred inside....I recognised the ceremony, and the warrior in myself and the deep relationship I had with the earth and the native respect for the animals who walk upon her nurturing face. I longed to go to the reservations and experience this beautiful culture for myself, so that is what I did, setting out on a world trip.

As part of my world trip I spent time on the Hopi and Navaho reservations and had some incredible experiences as I was allowed to be witness to the sacred dance for rain by the Hopi’s, and talk to their ancient people.

My journey to becoming an inspirational artist also took me to the Buddhists of Sri Lanka and India (which inspired my Buddha paintings) to Australia and to the Aborigine Elders, where I learned one night by the fire from a wise elder… “we have to find our own religion, who we really are…” which really opened me up to my own soul journey and spiritual practice, which I incorporate into my art today.

Meditation became part of my journey to becoming an Inspirational Artist

On my return to London, I constantly felt the urge to escape the concrete city and travel the world further, to see the starry skies, the curve of the earth and the tropical plants and animals.

I yearned to discover more new cultures and landscapes their people and their spiritual practices so off I went to Asia and discovered the importance of meditation practice.

On returning to England nearly a year later, I had my first ‘healing experience’ whilst on an aromatherapy massage course.

As I massaged, heat and energy began to flow from my hands and I felt the presence of other beings working with me.

To develop this further, I joined a psychic circle ran by an amazing lady called Gwyneira in West London, and also got a diploma in spiritual healing and Reiki.

As my spiritual awareness grew my love of London dwindled. At every opportunity I left London on a quest… to visit the temples of Thailand and the enormous golden Buddha’s.

Then on to Sri Lanka for more temples, meditation and inspiration.

Then back to my beautiful India where I felt a huge connection and visited many times, and to a Tibetan Buddhist retreat in France.

London was no longer for me as I yearned to live by the ocean… and closer to nature.

So in 1998 I gave up celebrity parties and the media world and moved to Cornwall, which I felt strongly drawn to at this time, and now, was (and still is) very much my spiritual home, as my inner voice called out for my creativity to be re-awakened, and my soul to be amongst the beauty of mother earth.

Inspirational artist in beautiful Cornwall

How I became an inspirational artist in Cornwall.

Well, it was here I began painting beautiful Cornwall with its rugged coves, wild aqua and turquoise ocean and crashing waves. The smell of the seaweed, the cry of the gulls, the open spaces and curve of the earth on the horizon..the wild winds and the sideways trees, I loved it all.

“Allow nature to teach you stillness. Listen to her while she speaks to us of the great stillness in which all wisdom is contained.” Eckart Tolle.

Stillness Speaks. The need to be still, tune into my heart, my soul, the real me.

The spiritual, creative me I had pushed down in London. As I walked along the beaches each day allowing the wild winds to blow my hair, the sea salt to cleanse my soul, for the first time I felt like I belonged.

I bought a golden retriever, Saffey, my earth angel, and trusted friend of 14 years.

Together we walked the coastal paths, swam in the wild ocean, played in the long grasses and wild flowers on the cliff tops.

We watched the stars, made fires, connected with the earth and the animal kingdom.

I learnt so much from my beautiful canine friend, of play, laughter, but most of all unconditional love.

The deeper I travelled into this magical Celtic land of Kernow, the more I tuned into its mystical, silent stone circles and Celtic myths and legends, I knew I was home.

A place I could find who I really was and my true purpose in life as an inspirational artist. I joined a spiritual circle with the amazing Elisabeth Constantine and really began to connect with my healing powers and angels.

I began to see the world in such a magical way.. no longer as one dimension, but on many, many levels and dimensions.

I felt a strong connection with the angels and native guides and animals that began to visit my studio when I painted.

At first my paintings were small and guarded but as I trusted the light beings around me, they encouraged me to express what I felt and saw… Love, light, Oneness. A connection of all things… a dance of life which from where I was looking included all sentient beings.

I began to write poetry to express this new love, this golden magical spiritual world I could now see.. Everything was alive!

Below this beautiful moonlit sky

Danced my true love And I

As we swirl And move to Mother Gaia's beat

Feel her rhythm Hear her tapping feet

Our hearts open Our spirits fly

A rainbow of light forms in the sky

All the elements come to play along As our friend the wind Softly sings his song

Dancing Tree Spirits, a celebration of love

Dancing Tree Spirits, blessed from the Divine above

annie b. 2003 (c)

My story to becoming an Inspiratonal Artist continues here.

Copyright: Annie b. Inspirational Artist and Illustrator