Children's Books, written and illustrated from the heart for wellbeing, by Annie b.

I was inspired to write books for children after doing some teachings with His Holiness The Dalai Lama some years ago.  At the end of the session somebody asked the question how we could stop all the violence and wars in our world. The Dalai Lama replied, " We cannot change the past, but we can change the future by teaching our children of love, kindness and compassion."  This was a real light bulb moment for me, and from this point I knew it was my purpose to do just that through my story telling and illustrations.

Hare and the Song Bird

Mother earth is waking up, the days lengthen and there is magic in the air. A time to reach out for what we want and plant our dreams and wishes. 

Little Bird has lost her song. And so embarks on a adventurous, journey through the magical woods of Tehidy in Cornwall, with her new friend Hare to find it. 

A gentle, inspiring story of following our dreams in life with mindfulness, and love and trust as our guide, and an appreciation and gratitude of mother earth’s abundance and healing.

Age 6 - 11 years

Book Review:

Annie B’s book, Hare and the Song Bird, was given to me by my mum and dad because I had read The Hare and the wise old Apple Tree and loved it! Hare and the song bird showed me that everyone has worries and that’s ok but also that if you follow your heart and believe in yourself you’ll find your way. This exciting book’s illustrations really told the story and helped me to understand that so many of us can feel wobbly at times. When I was reading it, I really felt as if I was the Hare in the story, helping the poor little bird find his song by following our hearts to find it. This book is truly magical and sends out lots of important messages. 
Jessica (age 11)

Book Reviews:

This is an utterly gorgeous story that is beautifully illustrated throughout. This heart-warming tale of a songbird who travels with her friend hare on a mindful journey through the woods to find her song, will inspire those of any age! Reminding the reader of our natural connection to the beautiful world around us and the song that is in our own hearts, you’ll finish this book with a smile and sense of hope and fulfilment. 

Vicky Otter - Wellbeing Coach - Innate Connection

The Hare and the Wise Old Apple Tree

A heart warming story of how an old apple tree befriends a lonely, sad hare and helps him see that things are always changing (like the seasons), we are all different, and that is ok,  and that having an open heart and gratitude really can make life beautiful. 

Age 4 years plus. 

This book can help children with self esteem, bereavement and life's changes as well as fill them with joy and wonder as they enter the magical tale of brown hare.

I offer Story telling and creative workshops for schools and home ed groups on request.  

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"The Hare and The Old Apple Tree is every inch an extraordinary experience for all age groups particularly parents and children, as it simply weaves it's universal wisdom and reflects the Honesty, Hope, Kindness and Love in the world. This book very simply brings about an awakening to the secrets and magic in nature and an awareness and respect that can touch all our lives when we open it and read its beautiful story."  Ruth Cheesbrough Window

annie b.  also offers book illustration for authors and publishing houses.

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Some Book Reviews

Cornwall Today Magazine:

"Written and illustrated by Cornish author, Annie b., this heart warming children's story reminds children aobut the importance of kindness and self-esteem through the beautifully illustrated tale of a lonely hare who befriends a wise old tree. The hare learns from the tree's wisdom, discovering among other things that we are all unique individuals, and that life changes like the seasons of the year. These are themes that we can all benefit from remembering, regardless of our age."

Blackbird Pie children's magazine :

"Cornish children's author and illustrator has written a moving story about loss and lonliness and the importance of love. As snowflakes sofly fall and hare grieves for his dead mother the wise apple tree gently explains how love is always with us and winter always turns into spring. Age 5+"

Some Testimonials from my clients:

"Reading and re-readingThe Hare And The Wise Old Apple Tree made me truly appreciate the meaning of the story: that we may feel very much alone with our daily struggles and troubles but if we allow ourselves to reach out, we will find the love to nurture us, the kindness to support us, the wisdom to guide us and above all, the hope to light our way out of the dark tunnels we can find ourselves in, to show us the way forward in our often difficult journey through life. We can re-discover the joy in life, the beauty of the world around us and the true value of friendship and ultimately, find that quiet place within ourselves that brings inner peace. I will treasure this book for what it made me feel; it is written from the heart with warmth, honesty and wisdom – a real gem. I will no doubt find myself reading it again and again over the years - a timeless message of how to live our lives with love in our hearts. Thank you Annie." Louise xxx

"Dearest Annie, ‘The Hare and the wise old Apple Tree’ arrived today. THANK YOU. It is for my nephew Finn and his mum for Christmas. I have just read it out loud to myself and it is truly beautiful. I didn’t really finish the pages without crying though! All the more poignant as my 18 year old cat Bob is buried under our apple tree and I often sit in my hammock just above him and remember him! My children do too and we watched as the grass grew longer just above him for a short time. Isn’t nature beautiful. Love, light and peace to your and your family and all." Caroline Fisher x

How I Came To Write And Illustrate Books For Children

Continued from 'My Journey' on the home page...

I sketched out a little series of drawings and poems, a sort of first book, which I called, ‘Dancing Soul’ – my soul journey as I recognised the connectedness of all things and the pure magnificence and beauty of all around me. … I then painted pictures to illustrate these words of prose… then paintings with poems… The message was clear, we are all ONE. All souls on our own soul journey, all connected, all equal, animals, humans, all race and creeds and all here on earth to learn who we really are and lessons we need to learn, I believe we have chosen our path before re-incarnating with our chosen Soul family.

This, I now realise, all linked in in with my resonance with native American philosophy and Shamanic beliefs...

Buddhism became important as the teachings made so much sense… I studied with the very inspiring Sogyal Rinpoche, a world renowned Buddhist teacher from Tibet who lived in the West, so understood how our western minds worked.

Of all the incredible teachings, the ones I remember most clearly that we can all live by are:

Harm no sentient beings, Create a wealth of virtue and always be of service, Tame this wild mind of ours (Meditation and Mindfulness are so so important).

When I heard His Holiness the Dalai Llama was coming to England, well Scotland, I simply had to attend.

It was an experience of a lifetime. Even before I saw His Holiness I felt him approaching. I will never forget the moments before he entered the hall where we all waited, before I could even see him, the feelings were so strong, so much love, so much light, my tears began to stream down my face as pure love emanated from his every being.

During the teachings he shone with love and compassion as this beautiful humble man, His holiness, talked with such intensity and passion for three days about Tibetan Buddhism and the teachings. I felt so honoured to be privilege to his teachings first hand and am still as it was to inspire my art journey on a path I had not foreseen.

At the end of the last teaching session, His Holiness asked if we wanted to ask questions. Many people waved their hands in the air, but the question that struck me the most was, “how can we stop all the awful terrorism and killing in the world?” To which he replied something along the lines of, “we cannot change the past and what has happened, but we can change the future. Our children are our future and we must teach them of love and compassion…”

It was at this point I really did have one of those light bulb moments..ding! I knew from that moment that it was my true divine purpose to help teach our children (our future) of love and compassion, and the importance of friendship and kindness.

I could do this by illustrating positive children’s books with spiritual teachings woven into the story. 

When I got back to Cornwall I spoke of this to a friend and writer with such enthusiasm but no idea how it would come to pass. Three weeks later, I need wonder no more, as my writer friend had travelled back from a conference and met a lady on the train who told her she had written a positive children’s book and was looking for an illustrator! The rest is history as they say!

This was the beginning of my positive book illustrations (or emotional wellbeing for kids). It was called ‘Gods in Pods’ by Karen Kensley.

I then went on to illustrate several other story books, and meditation cd’s and book covers around the globe.

Then one evening before Christmas a story came to me. Well actually someone at one of my art exhibitions had looked at a recent painting of a hare and a tree (the first painting where a hare appeared), and asked, “what is the story?”

Indeed the picture told many.. so one night I sat looking at the painting, and a story flew in… I had it all written down in 35 minutes, magic!

It did in fact take 2 years to gain the confidence to illustrate and publish this story, - ‘The hare and the wise old apple tree’.

Then I began to feel this was my purpose, the reason for my being on this beautiful earth; To write my own stories and illustrate them with my spiritual art style to teach our children, our future, of the love and compassion and kindness so that we may honour each other and the planet we live on….To share the teachings I believe I receive from my spirit guides and angels.

Archangel Gabriel is one of the beautiful higher energies I work with often, along with Archangel Raphael for healing, Archangel Chammuel for heart work and Archangel Michael for strength and protection.

So many angels were coming to me in my studio, the message was… the angels are there for us all, all day every day, we just have to ASK them to help us, guide us, protect us.. be with us… Spiritual laws are that we have free will, so we must ask for that we desire.. and it shall be..

With this in mind I have created a deck of oracle cards, with the angels to help us connect to our angels and spirit guides.. and our hearts desires.. The deck is called ‘Ask the Angels’ and some amazing emails have come in saying how fantastic these cards are and how true they are…

I have also created an oracle deck of cards called, Blessings from the Heart. A deck designed for us to tune into our hearts and intuition/ our true inner knowing.

For I believe we always do know the answer, we just have to ask our hearts. The heart speaks very quietly though so it is important to take time to be still and just listen… Meditation and Mindfulness. This is why meditation has become such an integral part of my work and life. I am naturally a multi-tasking go getter or striver… but have learnt, we actually achieve so much more by being still. It only takes a moment to bring our awareness back to our breath, coming in….and out… in and out… bringing our consciousness into the body and into the NOW.

When Ekarte Tolle wrote the book, The Power of Now, he really was not joking, for if we are present, we really do own our power and do not get caught up with what has happened or worrying about what may happen.

Mindfulness is a wonderful way to bring oneself back to the now very simply. I also realised it is perfect to bring me back to the moment and to help connect me to the earth and my spirit guides before painting. I always meditate before I begin… and then let go, let be… and paint intuitively.. as the colours flow and the magic really does begin.

This method is so successful I now teach Painting with meditation workshops, which I find help the complete beginners and the professional artists to re-connect to the moment, their hearts and their creativity.

I also work with lots of spirit animals, particularly the Unicorns who bring joy, love and a lightness of being. Wolf is a frequent visitor to my studio recently and teaches us to seek out lonely places that will allow you us listen to our own teachings.. Wolf also protects and reminds us of our intuition. I also find myself returning to my shamanic roots…. Earth honouring…..and listening to the messages of the natural world and all the nature spirits and elementals. ( I have also created an oracle deck recently called ‘Nature Spirits Oracle cards’, to help us all connect with the natural world and all the joyful nature spirits and their gifts.

I also honour all the animal kingdom and often tune into the Bear, wolf, eagle, horse, for their wisdom and support and have been inspired to create a series of books for children to help teach them nature’s way and share this wonderful wisdom from the animals.

Bear Books will be launched soon so watch this space!

Love, Annie b.