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  1. Heart paintings ~ The symbol of the heart and heart energy features strongly in my art, in fact I call my business, ‘Art from the Heart’, as in my painting practice I always start each day with a meditation to connect to my heart (chakra), to the moment and to the heart of all that is, and bring this energy of love, beauty, peace and compassion into each painting and all I create.

    “My aim is to create artwork that helps us all feel love and joy, see the bigger picture and the natural flow of life so that we all may dance in harmony together, be mindful of mother earth, each other, and know the Divine Oneness we truly are.”

    heart pictures filled with love and joy


    You can browse all my heart paintings here.

    It is also from my heart centre that I tune in to spirit, my guides, angels and soul family, to gain insights and visions when creating Spiritual Portraits for others or painting Guardian Angels or guides. It is through this love energy, from the heart, all is realized.

    When I am tuned into my heart I feel deeply connected to nature, people, animals and all around me and a real sense of the connectedness of all beings and the Divine truth that WE ARE All ONE. Feeling this oneness of all sentient beings brings a beautiful experience of being in harmony with all around me and then I really do see the beauty and wonder and true magic of this world, and it is this that I paint. I believe you can see this clearly in paintings such as, “feel the love in every moment”, or “where love grows”, but this heart energy is in all of my art.


    painting of hearts 'feel the love in each moment'


    The heart chakra is usually associated with the colour green and smoky pink, and interestingly many of my paintings evolve into these colours even though that was never my intention as I paint intuitively, allowing the paint to flow onto the canvas in an ever evolving journey, never quite knowing where the final destination will be.

    hearts painting stunning abstract art by British artist


    I believe green is the energy colour of love and transformation. It is the colour of balance, growth and compassion. It is soothing, and calms the soul and therefore it makes sense it is so prominent in most of my paintings without me setting out with this intention. Green is also the prominent colour of nature, to which I connect strongly with my heart. I believe connecting strongly with our own heart helps us form deeper connections with others and the world around us. If we are listening to someone, if you tune into your heart you really do hear all they say, and indeed often all they do not say but need to be heard.

    Connecting with our hearts helps us really accept ourselves for all we are, and accept others as they are too.


    In my heart centred paintings I channel lots of healing energy of love and joy and my intention is that this wonderful energy emanates out to the viewer and helps to connect to their heart and bring love and compassion and a feeling of belonging, as we realise the interconnectedness of all that is and an appreciation for the beauty of everything around us and have gratitude for all we are and have.


    gorgeous heart painting filled with love



    My wish is that we all can feel the power of the heart, the power of LOVE, so that we may love ourselves fully and all other sentient beings that walk this planet earth.

    My intention is that my heart paintings radiate love and peace and connect us to all the love and joy around us, and help us recognise the beauty of all souls and honour them.

    Namaste annie b. xxx

    Browse my art here

  2. Here's how I came to include hare painting into my art collections and how hare meaning and wisdom can help you.


    The hare is an exquisite animal that has been cloaked in mystery for thousands of years, popular with new age and the pagan community and those of us who believe in magic. Many cultures believe that hare can travel freely between worlds, perhaps this is because of the way they live, very privately, suddenly appearing in Spring or popping up out of hedgerow, or perhaps that is because they really can.

    Hare hopped into my life nearly four years ago now. I was painting a magical winter tree, full of love and gifts, and then hare appeared below the tree smiling…. Soon after this painting was in an exhibition and someone said, “so what happens next?”, as they looked at the hare, and the tree, and that was the beginning of my children’s book series to feature Hare and his good friend the wise old apple tree. I sat down soon after late Christmas eve and the story of ‘Hare and the wise old apple tree’, fell out onto my page in just about an hour..



    I felt hare had wisdom to share, and what better way than through a children’s book illustrated with hare paintings. This was the beginning of my dreams turning into reality as many years before whilst taking teachings with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, I had received a light bulb moment! When asked at the end of the teachings how we could stop all the terrorism in the world, HH the Dalai Lama replied, “we cannot change the past but we can change the future by teaching our children of love, kindness and compassion…”. Suddenly I knew my purpose in life, to help change this world of unrest and bring more love, kindness and compassion, and children’s books was my tool, and Hare was my messenger. He was fluffy and friendly, but wise and magical. Hare is often associated with Goddess Ostara - the story featured in book two, ‘The hare and the song bird’ (to be published soon), and also with Lady moon, of which I have close connections being a Scorpio…

    Hare is said to shape-shift and travel between worlds. He brings us wisdom and understanding, magic and wonder. Hares are believed to be messengers and for me that is true. I always see them at times of great importance. When I last was feeling very sad about the passing of my beautiful canine friend and angel Saffey, and walking back from her burial site, as I slowly made my way up the field, out dashed a huge hare, he ran across my path, stopped, looked back at me for a moment, then was gone…. I knew my angel Saffey was with me, and all was well.




    Hare is also linked with rebirth, and springtime, the birthing of mother earth as the new shoots sprout up after a long rest which I believe give us great hope. Hare represents illumination and intuition, promise and balance. Many also believe they are incredibly lucky. Hare often appears when we need to look within, listen to our hearts and take a moment and listen to our real voice.

    For me they are beautiful and wise, magical and mysterious. Messengers and story tellers, and I am forever grateful Hare hopped into my life.

    You can browse my hare art here: Hare paintings

    Blessings annie b. xxxx