Artfulness creative workshops

Creative Mindfulness Corporate workshops for Wellbeing

Corporate mindful creative workshops for wellbeing in the work place facilitated by annie b.

Annie b. can facilitate a creative workshop on your premises or a chosen location for your team. Using mindfulness and creativity to bring us back to this moment and connect us to our creative expression. Great for Wellbeing at work, a de-stressing tool and moral booster, or simply as a Christmas treat or day out for your staff.

I truly believe that self expression is so very important for one’s wellbeing and the tools and techniques I teach, based on my own experience of mindful meditation and being a professional artist, can be used in all forms of further creative expression, whether it is at work or planting a garden, baking a cake or writing a book.

These workshops are suitable for all levels of experience as participants are guided to paint intuitively and it is all about letting go, being present and having fun… and amazing things happen. In the past I have worked in high powered stressful industries such as advertising, television and the music industry and have found the benefits of mindfulness meditation and creative expression to be many - from simply bringing ourselves back to the moment, which can be used throughout our daily lives to calm and collect ourselves so that we are more likely to act, rather than re-act, as being present helps us gain empathy and patience. It also can help with concentration, health and improve productivity as well as all round wellbeing.

Giving ourselves permission to play and express ourselves creatively also has a huge impact as we begin to remember who we are and our purpose in life, which in turn helps us feel more confident and content. Other benefits can be: · Feeling able to cope with stress and finding creative solutions to problems

· Finding ways to be mindful, to relax and enjoy the moment

·  Feeling confident and trusting in ourselves ·

. Finding meaning in the world around us ·

. Having hopes and goals in life, feeling useful

The workshops last three hours normally and include mindfulness guided meditation, and intuitive painting but can be tailored to your company requirements. I provide all the materials for painting, aprons, music, and tuition and guided mindfulness meditation techniques. I would require a room with each participant having a table to work on and a chair, and a hot drink in the break.

For more information and to book your team's session please 
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