Spiritual Portraits

Discover your true purpose in life and have annie b. paint a channelled vision of your higher self, your Soul Portrait.

Bereavement, divorce, illness, family, loss, life, all these things can make us loose sight of who we really are - the true you and your reason for being. Your spiritual Soul Portrait captures your real, higher self and can give you hope, inspiration, courage and so much more as it reminds you of the wonderful Divine being you truly are.

All you need to do is email a photograph to annie@annieb-art.co.uk

  How it works... you email me a photograph of yourself to me, which I then take into my meditation, and then in my studio I tune in and ask spirit for a vision of your true divine self. I then see the vision from which I do a simple sketch, then tune back in and get the colours.. tune back in and get sometimes symbols and more details...and slowly the painting unfolds and your true divine self is revealed...Often spirit give me a message for you which offers deeper meaning to the image and also insight into your purpose...

The painting will be painted on hand made paper and mounted ready for you to frame.(unframed)Size approximately 45cm x 40 cm and costs £395 plus postage and packing

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Customer feedback: "Upon receipt of my portrait I was so excited I could hardly open the parcel. When unwrapping the masterpiece I was so overwhelmed with the true beauty and detail. To me it is a true representation of my own spiritual path which is filling me with love, peace, blessings, wholeness and most of all joy. What a beautiful way to capture and record this wonderful transformation. I'm so blessed to have this painting, each time I take a look I discover something new. I feel I will continue to grow with this portrait forever more. Many thanks Annie b. love, light & unlimited joy, Gemma. x "