The Hare and the wise old Apple Tree

A children's book, written and illustrated by Annie b.

A heart warming story about how a wise old apple tree befriends a lonely, sad Hare and helps him see that things are always changing and that having an open heart and gratitude really can make life beautiful and that we can never loose the love we have felt. A delight for children and adults alike.  

Suitable for Age 4+

I was inspired to write my story by His Holiness the Dalai Lama at some teachings some years ago, who replied to a question of 'what can we do about all the world terrorism and unrest: “We cannot change the past, but we can change the future by teaching our children of love, kindness and compassion.” It was this answer that really struck a chord and at that moment I decided I would like to illustrate a positive children’s book full of such messages. This is the first of a series...

"The Hare and The Old Apple Tree is every inch an extraordinary experience for all age groups particularly parents and children, as it simply weaves it's universal wisdom and reflects the Honesty, Hope, Kindness and Love in the world. This book very simply brings about an awakening to the secrets and magic in nature and an awareness and respect that can touch all our lives when we open it and read its beautiful story."  Ruth Cheesbrough Window

annie b.  also offers book illustration for authors and publishing houses.

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Some Book Reviews

Cornwall Today Magazine:

Written and illustrated by Cornish author, Annie b., this heart warming children's story reminds children aobut the importance of kindness and self-esteem through the beautifully illustrated tale of a lonely hare who befriends a wise old tree. The hare learns from the tree's wisdom, discovering among other things that we are all unique individuals, and that life changes like the seasons of the year. These are themes that we can all benefit from remembering, regardless of our age.

Blackbird Pie children's magazine :

Cornish children's author and illustrator has written a moving story about loss and lonliness and the importance of love. As snowflakes sofly fall and hare grieves for his dead mother the wise apple tree gently explains how love is always with us and winter always turns into spring. Age 5+

Reading and re-readingThe Hare And The Wise Old Apple Tree made me truly appreciate the meaning of the story: that we may feel very much alone with our daily struggles and troubles but if we allow ourselves to reach out, we will find the love to nurture us, the kindness to support us, the wisdom to guide us and above all, the hope to light our way out of the dark tunnels we can find ourselves in, to show us the way forward in our often difficult journey through life. We can re-discover the joy in life, the beauty of the world around us and the true value of friendship and ultimately, find that quiet place within ourselves that brings inner peace. I will treasure this book for what it made me feel; it is written from the heart with warmth, honesty and wisdom – a real gem. I will no doubt find myself reading it again and again over the years - a timeless message of how to live our lives with love in our hearts. Thank you Annie. Louise xxx

Dearest Annie, ‘The Hare and the wise old Apple Tree’ arrived today. THANK YOU. It is for my nephew Finn and his mum for Christmas. I have just read it out loud to myself and it is truly beautiful. I didn’t really finish the pages without crying though! All the more poignant as my 18 year old cat Bob is buried under our apple tree and I often sit in my hammock just above him and remember him! My children do too and we watched as the grass grew longer just above him for a short time. Isn’t nature beautiful. Love, light and peace to your and your family and all. Caroline Fisher x