About us

annie b. 

Art from the heart

Annie b. was born in Staffordshire, but spent most of her childhood in West Yorkshire, attending Wakefield College of Art, before moving to London to continue her studies at Ealing College of Art.  She went on to have successful careers in advertising, the music business and television, working in the UK, Europe and the USA. She also travelled the world independently, connecting with Buddhists, Hopi Indians, Aborigine Elders and different spiritual practices around the world.

Annie b. now lives in Cornwall with her husband and son, working as an artist, illustrator, children’s author and creative workshop leader. It is here she has developed her own unique style and language, painting from the heart, in oils, watercolours and acrylics. Beginning with a mindful meditation then allowing the colours to blend and flow and the magic to shine through onto the canvas. She describes each painting as a special journey, where she has no clear idea of the destination until it is slowly revealed, as layers build and colours merge and slowly the painting unfolds moment by moment, and the story is told….

“My aim is to create artwork that helps us all feel love and joy, see the bigger picture and the natural flow of life so that we all may dance in harmony together, be mindful of mother earth and each other, and know the Divine Oneness we truly are.”

Annie b. exhibits nationally and her illustrations and children’s book can be seen worldwide. For more information please email annie@annieb-art.co.uk